A Digital Nomad's Dreams

Ymiler Limited, Nigeria (1654472)

What we do


We run poultry farms across Nigeria and Ghana. Egg business is our focus.


We run spas and teeth whitening centers in South East Nigeria, mostly Anambra state.


We run media company with blog audiences from Africa, Nigeria mostly, and USA.


We run few e-commerce stores in Nigeria and UK.

About Ymiler

Ymiler Limited exist:

1. To carry on the business of IT solution delivery, web and software designing, development, customization, installation, implementation, maintenance, testing and bench-marking, and dealing in all computer software and solutions.

2. To cultivate, produce, refine, trade or otherwise deal in agriculture produce and to carry on the business of agriculturists, farmers, gardeners, livestock, dairy farmers, fish farmer etc.

3. To carry on the business of bakers, confectioners, milk sellers, dairy men, grocers, butchers, poulterers, farmers, ice merchants and ice cream makers, and to buy, sell, import and produce, manufacture or otherwise deal in food and food products, meat, groceries, fruits, biscuits, confectionery etc.

4. To carry on business as a technology company.

5. To carry on the business as designers, developers and dealers in kinds of computer software, computer technology and information technology products including cloud hosted business platforms and computer application products, systems, peripherals and materials, and to undertake the business of system and network integration and development, product application and development, computer maintenance and technical support services, internet access, networking and electronic media and web commerce application services.


Somto A. Orah

Somto Alexander Orah is the managing director of Ymiler Limited, Nigeria. He is a young African digital nomad who founded Ymiler just to fulfill his dreams of owning multiple businesses. 

Contact Us

(234) 0812-970****

12/10 Alor Street, Obosi, Anambra, Nigeria